Saturday, May 30, 2009


My shoot this weekend got cancelled, and it was such nice light today so we decided we'd do our own family session...kind of. I wanted an updated picture for my new website and also some of Ella and I together. And of of course I needed a few of Jordan too. So here's our combined labor of love. I think Jordan did an awesome job. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

redecorate WITH me!

(Make sure you actually READ this post, not just look at the pretty pictures)

So the best part about buying a new house walls! I know that I want a huge picture of the Salt Lake Temple somewhere in my new home, so I've been going through my pictures tonight and thought I would share two of the potential shots...Now today's post is interactive, so pay close attention:

First item of business, which temple shot do you prefer, horizontal or vertical?

Second item of business, read on...

This is a 24x36 gallery wrap in my current humble abode. My mother-in-law loved it so much, she just redid her kitchen, and a dupicate copy now hangs in her home...

It feels so fun to have my "art" somewhere other than my hardrive. So I got to thinking...I have a billion pictures that need a home. And my new home needs a billion pictures... So what if we all worked together for a mass redecoration?

Here's how it will work:

You (anyone reading this post) can purchase (almost) ANY picture I've ever taken for $50 + material & shipping costs (+ tax if you're in UT). The only stipulation is you have to go big and it has to be art (no posed, smiling, looking at the camera pictures please; think outside the box). All images ordered must be 16x20 or larger. Really, I'd recommend 20x30 or larger if you want your art to say something. (But I recognize some small spaces need beautifying 16x20 or larger it is). You can order a wall portrait or a gallery wrap or a standout.

Your $50 will go towards my redecoration fund. (This way we all win :) If you've ever been a client, you'll realize that $50 is a screaming deal, compared to my regular pricing (especially for a gallery wrap). But I want us all to be able to redecorate, so next time you want to go out to eat, don't. Instead, use that money and buy yourself a custom piece of art that is really worth hundreds of dollars.

If you have a particular subject in mind (flowers, temples, scenic, something random but cool) or a color scheme, email me and I will dig through the archives to find something perfect (or maybe even create something new for you). I will be custom editing all of these pieces until they are fine art (meaning I will be incorporating some textures, and other editing techniques and it will be a suprise that you'll proofs). There really is so much potential, even in less than wonderful shots. Check out the before and afters below...

So....let's review. It's time to redecorate (on a budget even!). Order any image I've ever taken in big, huge awesomeness for $50 (+my cost).

If you're a past client, think of that image that wasn't quite the "standard" shot you felt you should get, but that you really loved for a reason you couldn't quite put your finger on...then email me the image and size you want and I'll provide further payment instructions.

Don't have an image in mind? Aren't a past client? Or maybe you are, but would like something non-peopled to go on your wall... Email me your "ideal" choice, and I'll do my best to find it or take something new just for you. (This is not a promise, just a possibility; it's also not an offer for a free session.)

I can't tell you how much life custom art adds to a home. Trust me on this one. And if you've never hung anything bigger than an 8x10...please, please take me up on this one. Bigger is better! Promise.

I'm so excited for my new walls. You should be too!

This redecoration party ends June 9, at midnight (that's my birthday!). So that gives you exactly 13 days to email me (, unless you aren't reading this the day it was posted, in which case I suggest you hurry.

Lol. Wow. It's late and I sound like a silly sales person. And there's more to life than money. Really, I just want you to have something awesome on your wall.......