Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Backyard Beauty

We took most of these pictures in Elise's backyard and a few at the neighbors. I miss all the treasures you can find behind a house in Northern Utah, Elise included. Check out her gorgeous eyes! Her husband is one lucky fellow. And I'm just glad she was willing to play along- pitch fork, 100 degree sunshine, crazy wind included. I think the result is stunning.

A Western Baby Bump

My sister's are always up for a shoot when I come home, but then again, so am I. And my sister goes a great job behind the camera. Jordan's not so bad himself. We had to show off our new dresses. And I've always wanted to do a shoot at this location. My family may live in the city, but we all came from the West.

(warning...we're about to kiss)

(okay, it's over)


My good sport, handsom husband...