Saturday, February 28, 2009

why I don't like selling "digital negatives"

I just got back from an AWESOME shoot with a two-year-old. Yes. I never thought I would say that sentence...

But anyway, Kirsten, my V-day Giveaway winner, and I were discussing digital files after the shoot (she's started her own little photography business) and I told her that I strongly discourage my clients from buying the negatives because I personally feel like (for my work in particular) they are an unfinished product. So as I was going through our shots I found this one and thought it would be an excellent case in point. Now I usually try to stray away from crappy lighting (i.e. some things are in the sun, some in the shade, and the shadows aren't where you want them to be...) but when I saw this car I thought, "It's worth a shot".

I don't like using flash (some would use a "fill" flash in this instance), so I try to make do with natural light, be it good or bad. You can agree or disagree with my methods. But I'm always thinking about what I shot "can" be once I'm done with it. And when it leaves my camera, it's only half way. Take a look below.

Now you're probably thinking, "I can take a picture that crappy to begin with". Maybe you can. But the thing is, if all my pictures looked like this SOC I'd be editing for the rest of my life. So the moral of the story is, make the picture as good as you can in camera, BUT if you see a hot green car in crappy light, go for it. Just make sure you finish the job before you claim you're a professional.

(More to come of this darling and her wonderful parents next week...)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mommy workshop anyone???

One of my clients has asked that I put on a beginning workshop for all the moms (and future moms) out there who would just like some general photography knowledge/tips for taking better pictures of life, kids in particular. There are about a thousand different topics we could cover, so I wanted to first put it out there and see if there's any interest from the rest of you all, and second, if there is interest, what in particular would you like to know...

PLEASE leave a comment if you think you might attend, or would at least be interested in hearing more details. We'd probably have an indoor lecture/Q&A portion, and then I'd love to go outside and actually practice what we've learned together... So I'm definitely thinking this would all go down when it gets a bit warmer. Anyway, it's up in the air. We've already got about five people so we only need a few more. The workshop would be $50/person and will last around 3 hours if we actually incorporate some hands on shooting.

So again, this is only to see if the interest is there. You are not in anyway absolutely commiting to attend if you leave a comment. If no one comments (I'll probably be sad) but we might hold the workshop anyway with those that my client has rounded up.

And a word about this post's pictures... I snapped them with this workshop in mind. It was totally on the fly. I made up the post-it notes and we ran outside just before sunset. Found a wall and boom, instant mini shoot. This is what I want you to learn and be able to do for your family. And it's funny, I took this not really meaning anything, but now I'm kind of attached to the threesome below. I have credit for a free gallery wrap from Las Vegas... Hmmmmm. It sure would match Ella's room well. This is me warning you now. Photography is an addition, so just know that now before we get workshopping and suddenly your harddrive is full of adorable pictures you simply can't delete...

And one final note. Here's my litte bro (well technically I don't have any little brothers, but definitely younger). He's playing for state tomorrow night at the E Center. I took this just a few hours ago at the game with my little mom camera. Don't you love the cheesy photoshopping... Go Bears!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I survived Vegas. I heard one lecture in particular that was completely inspiring and I can't even begin to talk about all the wonderful changes that will be happening for my business. The one hour flight home was divine (in comparison to our UT-CT trips) And I was even greeted at the airport with a big smile and hug from Ella (which I was way not expecting. Last time I left her I got the silent treatment upon arriving home). Saturday afternoon I shot an awesome Femininity bridal session. (Which I am not allowed to post until after the wedding, hence the lovely shot of a tree branch above). Saturday evening we hung out with a CT friend who now lives in UT (YEAH!!!) and had a great time. She brought peach pie. (I normally don't eat fruit pies) But I finally decided to give it a fair shot and what do you know, I enjoyed it. So life was wonderful (and pretty much still is) except for the little big fact that Ella managed to pick up an awful cold from her Aunt Olivia, so today was basically crap for her and for me starting with our completely sleepless night. I don't know. But I just really wonder if there's anything worse in life than a sick toddler...

And so not to end on a bad note, tonight I met with some awesome clients and now have my second May wedding to look forward to! I point that out because I'm 98.5% sure I'm going to be limiting my bookings to two weddings per month max. I want this so my wonderful clients will get the TLC they deserve, as well as my family. I think sometimes I try to be superwoman by doing too much. But Vegas taught me that the secret to superwoman is doing less, or rather, just the right amount. So that's where my business is heading. I haven't thought it all through yet, but look for some big announcements in the future... and know that "just the right amount" will apply to my portrait bookings as well. So if you were picturing portraits in spring blossoms, I suggest getting those session booked ASAP. For better or worse, my spring schedule is getting quite full...

Anyhow, I leave you with one more peak from Kara's bridals. (Hopefully she won't mind because you absoutely can't tell what her dress looks like, just that she looks fabulous in it...) Check back this weekend for a session with the winners of my "v-day giveaway"!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm off to Vegas to be enlightened...funny I know.

Well this post is my attempt to sign off from work for a week. Kinda anyway. I'm actually going on a business trip to Vegas. (I know, you don't believe me). But it's true. Sadly, I'm abadoning this little girl for a week to participate in the annual WPPI tradeshow and convention. I've never been, but it's supposed to be well worth the time and money it takes to attend. So here's hoping...

Anyhow, I won't be answering emails or blogging while I'm away. I'll be back at it next Friday. Tomorrow I'm packing and playing with Ella. I'm sure she's going to be super mad at me when I get back, so I figure I better have fun with her while I can.

Today we went out and snapped these in an attempt to wear her out so she'd take a nap. Worked like a charm. I always push to her limits when shooting (you never know when you'll get that perfect shot)... I hope she forgives me one day. But I do love how these turned out and she thought wearing the fur hat was awesome. So I was all for it. It doesn't see much use here in America. But believe it or not, I wore it everyday in Russia where I got it.

So enjoy my goodbye post to Ella (ya there's a lot of pictures but technically this is my personal blog too, not just for my business, and she's pretty much my favorite toddler in the whole world so...) See ya next week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just have to note that the blue sky in these shots is not fake. It really was that pretty. A perfect accessory for Camilla's fun red and yellow outfits. And then who can resist classic black when paired with red boots! I will get me a pair of these one day. Thanks again for everything Camilla. You were wonderful...