Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Royal Snowfall

I had such a great time playing with the Collings in the snow. We shot there pictures inside the Yale Law School courtyard, Justin's second home. Julia and Ellie had their own opinions about how the shoot would go, so we let them call the shots. But candid is always best in my book anyway. I love how Lia and Justin interact with the girls. They are so respectful to their little ideas and personalities and use inspiration rather than force to get them to cooperate. The girls love to play princess so we went with that reasoning. So behold the fairy tale castle courtyard and the Collings' Family photo debut.

2 Months!

Ella is two months today! Check out her shoot on the family blog HERE.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fourth Seasons

So this was the fourth photoshoot with the Pillar Family, completing the seasons. I have had so much fun shooting them in each different season and am excited to look at all the seasonal shoots at once.
This shoot was especially challenging--we had to travel to find the only manmade snow in Southern Connecticut because ol' man winter was not cooperating. We found a tubing hill that makes their own snow to make these 'real' winter pictures...and of course, it snows today, four days too late. We had a good time in the snow and, although there were some slips and falls, no one was hurt enough to not be smiling in the end. I hope to see those smiles again some time too!