Saturday, May 31, 2008

Forever Frahm Peak

If you scroll down and read my last post, you'll see why I haven't got this one ready. But I promise to have more gorgeous wedding photos next week! Until then, I wanted to post one to get you all excited.

Tanner Bigelow Strobel Sebastian Catch Up

You're about to witness history in the making. This is the longest blog post ever, well for my blog anyway. But don't worry, there are four different shoots below, so there should be plenty of variety for all of you. I've been crazy busy shooting lately, flew out to Utah to shoot a killer wedding, then came home to a two day six ceremony graduation at Yale and am about to do my third shoot for the weekend in a few minutes. I don't know what I'm thinking... But I do love life. So go on, check these out. These pictures have been dying to make their blog debuts.

Tanner Family

Alexis Bigelow in NYC (yep, her married name! yeah!)

The Strobel Family

The Sebastians