Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Northern Utah, show me your dress!!

So if you haven't been able to guess by my lack or posting or anything, I did make it to Utah, however, my computer and work files have not. I suppose it's good for me to take a break. Not so good for my CT clients waiting on orders, but I think they all understand. Anyhow, while I wait (and over the next couple of months) I'll be working on Project Femininity.

Phase one, I'd love to get some more awesome images to work with. SO, if you have a PROM or special occasion dress you love, a WEDDING dress that your bridals never did justice, something VINTAGE from your grandmother's attic, or a HIGH FASHION edgy dress/outfit, now is your chance to join in on the fun for FREE!

Yep. I'm looking for girls of all ages willing to model for a day (really just a couple hours). I guarentee you'll have a blast and I have a SPECIAL LITTLE GIFT in mind for all those willing to participate. Please note that you must be willing to let me use your images for publicity/website/marketing purposes. (This isn't a bad thing, it just means someone other than your mom might get to see your gorgeous dress). My goal is to create stunning magazine-worthy images of you and your dress. So if you're up for an outing and willing to get all gussied up for me (I know, really painful. Who doesn't want to put on their dress again?) please email me!!

Shoot your emails to, In the subject line write: "I love my dress".

Please also include your name and an email or telephone number where I can reach you with more details. Please attach a picture of the dress or dresses (costume changes are always fun) that we'll be shooting (if you don't have a picture or are uncomfortable attaching one for any reason, no worries, please just do your best to describe the dress/dresses to me). This will help me start to scout out a unique background for the your shoot.

Once again, it won't cost you a dime. I'll even come to you if needed because we all know how much fun gas prices are.

If you have friends interested, bring them along. The more the merrier.

I'm so excited about this! And I hope you are too. I'm looking to shoot these sessions Aug-Oct, but depending on the response, I may end early if I have the images needed. So don't wait to email me. You've got nothing to loose.

Oh, and one final note. You DO NOT have to look like a super model. Nor does your dress have to be an expensive designer gown. All that's required is that you love the dress and are willing to love yourself (or at least you'd love to learn how to love yourself. That's what Project Femininity is all about). Leave the rest up to me.